Sponsorship and Charity

As an example of socially responsible behavior and in response to society’s demands of a modern business, TMK carries out sponsorship and charity activities in all regions where it operates.

TMK’s charitable activities are traditionally carried out in collaboration with nonprofit organizations

TMK pays particular attention to the development of sports in Russia. In particular, since 2002, the Company has actively supported the development of football in the Sverdlov Region and is a sponsor of Ural Football Club in Ekaterinburg. Through years of cooperation the club has all the necessary conditions for the preparation of the team and coaching athletes. Currently, the Ural Football Club appears in the Championship of Russia among clubs belonging to the Russian National Football League and is a competitor for entry into the Russian Premier League. TMK also supports the Sinara mini-football club in Ekaterinburg (in 2010 twice champion of Russia) and the Dinamo Women's Handball Club in Volgograd, a six-time champion in Russia.

In Russia, TMK is implementing sponsorship programs not only regionally but also at the federal level. TMK is involved in developing the Russian Olympic movement. The Company sponsors the Olympic Support Foundation and the Federation of Ski-Jumping & Nordic Combined of Russia.

TMK’s charitable activities are traditionally carried out in collaboration with nonprofit organizations. For example, the Sinara Charitable Foundation, which is under the trusteeship of TMK, carries out charitable programs in the Ural Federal District. In particular, the Foundation has traditionally held a grant competition for projects aimed at solving social problems in the Sverdlov Region in the areas of culture, education, health, environment and sports. In addition, with the Company’s support, there is an organized competition for socially important programs and projects called “12 Civil Initiatives of the Ural Federal District,” as well as an exhibition of social projects carried out in the region. In 2010, 24 nonprofit organizations received funding under the grant and provided targeted assistance to 70 beneficiaries.

Also as part of the regional program “The Spiritual Center of the Urals,” TMK supports activities to restore the monastery complex and the construction of the Verkhoturye Monastery Hospital at the St. Nicholas Monastery (Verkhoturye, Sverdlov Region), where not only residents of the city can come, but pilgrims from all over Russia.

In 2010, TMK was a co-founder of the Prince Michael of Kent Foundation, which is based in Russia and handles earmarked funding for community service projects.

The Company’s American division, TMK IPSCO, offers various forms of charitable support. Each production facility has a charity committee, which provides assistance to local communities. In 2010, approximately 100 organizations received direct support from TMK IPSCO through these committees. TMK IPSCO also participates in the charitable work of The United Way.

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