Quality Control

TMK strives to follow best global practice in management of business processes. The Company operates and is continuously upgrading its corporate quality management system, and TMK’s plants make use of local systems of environmental management and occupational health and safety that are certified and audited annually by recognized international certification bodies. All TMK tubular products comply with the standards and technical requirements established by international, regional and national standardization organizations.

In 2010, TMK implemented the following projects in the area of quality management:

Upgrading of the corporate quality management system:

  • a new system for measuring corporate quality goals was developed and implemented;
  • a method to evaluate the performance of the “Production Planning — Monitoring the Performance of Production Programs” process was developed;
  • the use of Six Sigma methodology was initiated in order to implement the principle of ISO 9001 «Continuous Improvement.» A pilot project at Seversky Tube Works that was carried out by specialists from TMK IPSCO has led, among other things, to a reduction in defects in the production of 150 continuous cast billets;
  • a certifying audit for the compliance of the corporate quality management system at TMK’s oilfield service facilities to the requirements of ISO 9001 was conducted;
  • TMK-Kaztubprom passed a certification audit for the compliance of its quality management system and products to the requirements API Q1 and API 5CT specifications, and was licensed according to the standards of API Spec 5CT for threaded connections and installing couplings on tubing. It also received a certificate for the quality management system according to API Spec Q1 for the provision of OCTG threading services.

The corporate quality management system has included TMK Oilfield Services and TMK-INOX, which have received certification from Lloyd’s Register.

New API standards were also implemented : at TAGMET, Sinarsky Pipe Plant and Orsky Machine-Building Plant, API Spec 5DP was implemented to replace API Spec 5D and API Spec 7. Licenses have also been obtained to use API monograms.

Making intra-company cooperation more effective : TAGMET, Sinarsky and the American division, TMK IPSCO, have undertaken joint work to give TMK IPSCO plants the rights to use alternative API markings.

Certification of products according to EU directives : TMK-CPW received PED 97/23/EG and AD-2000-W0 certification, and the right to use CE markings for products manufactured according to DIN EN 10217-1 and DIN EN 10219-1 standards has also been granted.

Certification of products with Premium Connections : in 2010, qualification testing of casing with TMK FMC premium connections was successfully carried out at the TGRC pipe product research center at the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC). Based on the test results a certificate of the TGRC Institute was received, which confirms the compliance of the TMK FMC thread’s operating characteristics with standard ISO 13679:2002, CAL II, which extends the opportunities for TMK to supply pipes with premium connections to Chinese and other foreign oil companies that require compliance of tubular products to this standard.

Certification of pipes for offshore projects : in January 2010 certification according to standard DNV-OS-F101 for subsea pipelines was completed for large diameter pipes produced by Volzhsky Pipe Plant. In early 2011, TMK’s the Company completed the process of certifying longitudinally welded large diameter pipes made from Russian steel and received a corresponding certificate of compliance with the DNVOS- F101 standard.

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