Information Disclosure

The Company ensures timely and accurate disclosure of information on material corporate actions or other actions that could affect the financial and business activities of the Company to the extent necessary so that all stakeholders can make an informed decision about participating in the Company.

The Company maintains its accounting records and generates its financial and accounting records in accordance with Russian and international standards. The financial statements are posted on the Company’s website: here. To further inform stakeholders, a press release is distributed that contains an analysis of changes in the Company’s financial performance, and a conference call is held with members of executive bodies.

The processes of information disclosure are regulated by the Regulation on Information Policy, the Company’s Regulations on Insider Information and regulations governing the interaction of OAO TMK business units and TMK plants with respect to information disclosure by issuers of securities and reporting to stock exchanges.

The Company operates a business unit that oversees the formation and implementation of a uniform information policy, and has identified a responsible person who, on an ongoing basis, monitors compliance with regulatory requirements and internal documents when disclosing information.

TMK was again recognized as one of the most transparent Russian public companies, improving its position (to 6th) in the transparency ranking of Russian companies in 2010, which is published by Standard & Poor’s.

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