Strategic Development Committee

There were no changes to the composition of the Strategic Development Committee in 2010. On June 22, 2010, there was a change in the Chairmanship of the Committee in connection with the appointment of J. Marous to an executive position at the Company.

Shokhin, A.N. Chairman of the Committee, independent director
Marous, J. Member of the Committee, non-executive director
Shiryaev, A.G. Member of the Committee, CEO and President, Chairman of the Management Board

The Committee’s tasks are to develop recommendations on issues concerning the formulation of the Company’s business priorities and its development strategy, as well as to present these recommendations to the Board of Directors.

In 2010, the Committee reviewed and presented to the Board of Directors recommendations on the following key matters:

  • key indicators for TMK’s 2011 budget calculation;
  • primary areas of the Company’s investment program for 2011;
  • implementation of the joint TMK-INOX strategic project with RUSNANO;
  • TMK’s cooperation with organizations in which the Company has ownership;
  • strengthening TMK’s regional presence in Sub-Saharan markets: establishment of TMK-Africa;
  • recommendations on M&A transactions, sales of assets and establishment of joint enterprises.

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