TMK: 10 Years of Success



TMK was founded as an investment company in the pipe-producing sector and Trade House TMK was established.



Volzhsky and Seversky Pipe Plants and Taganrog Metallurgical Works came under TMK management. A representative office was opened in Baku, Azerbaijan.



Sinarsky Pipe Plant came under TMK management. TMK-Kazakhstan was also established that same year.



TMK Warehouse Complex was established as a company.



TMK went global that year, establishing a trading company under the name of TMK North America and opening a representative office in Beijing, China.


TMK floated its shares on the London Stock Exchange. The company took over the Romanian plants TMK-ARTROM and TMK-Resita, as well as the Russian joint venture, Orsk Machine-Building Plant. TMK Middle East was established as a trade house that same year.


The company took over the service enterprises Truboplast, Pipe Maintenance Department, and Russia’s only research institute specializing in the pipe industry, RosNITI. TMK-KPV and TMK-Premium Service were established. TMK’s shares began trading on the MICEX exchange. Representative offices were opened in Turkmenistan and Singapore.


American pipe assets were purchased and the TMK IPSCO division was established on this basis. The TMK Oilfield Services division was founded as well. TMK also took over TMK-Kaztrubprom (Kazakhstan).


The TMK European division was established, consisting of TMK Europe, TMK Italia, TMK-ARTROM and TMK-Resita. TMK-INOX was established to focus on the production and sale of stainless steel pipes.


TMK Africa Tubulars was established in Cape Town, South Africa, and a trading office in Calgary, Canada was opened. TMK’s shares began to trade on the OTCQX electronic platform.

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